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As a chef with 22 years experience and and 21 years in the plant based lifestyle gastronomically vegan, Veganic is my way of blending healthy dining with fun and innovative cuisine that is dripping with flavor and sauce of course. We are classic comfort exploring international flavors while remaining sustainable by sourcing locally.

Veganic is a full service Vegan Cafe  located in the little 5 Points neighborhood of Atlanta. Full service catering for all events, Meal Prep, and Meal planning are a few of the services we offer. What really sets us apart from other plant based establishments in Atlanta is that our food is 100% Organic down to the spices. We do not use GMO soy based Franken-food that bleed like flesh. Our approach is one that embraces natural alkaline clean electric foods. Farm to table is a reality for the plant based community in Atlanta, and we are pleased to be of service. 

Chef Gabriel

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